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Krzesimir Dębski - Spotkanie z Mistrzem
Krzesimir Debski - Meet the Maestro

2 listopada 2013
November 2, 2013

The private gathering with composer, conductor and virtuoso Krzesimir Dębski and his wife, vocalist Anna Jurksztowicz with performance of music as well as wine and hot hors d’oeuvres happened on Nov2, 2013.

The event benefited the Polish Music Center at USC and took place at the Mr. & Mrs. Kołodziej residence in Beverly Hills.

Krzesismir Dębski composed more than sixty symphonic and chamber music pieces, including an opera, two symphonies, religious works and nine instrumental concertos.

He has composed the music for over  seventy films, received eight platinum albums and composed music for the highest grossing movie in Polish film history :“With Fire and Sword”.

He has also made brilliant career for himself as a jazzman. He is a leader of jazz group “ String Connection”.

Classical music is his most important creative task. “I have worked in nearly all the fields of music world”, but I am personally convinced that classical music is my proper domain”, he said.

Anna Jurksztowicz is a popular singer and jazz vocalist. She became a professional performer at age of sixteen, sharing the stage with the most famous polish entertainers.

Her voice can be heard of numerous soundtracks for motion pictures, including “W pustyni i w puszczy”.

She also recorded for TV series “King Size”, “Matki, żony I kochanki”, “Na dobre i na złe” and “Rancho”.

Many of her songs in this area of repertoire have become great and enduring hits for the successive generations of young listeners.


Krystyna Bartkowski