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"Wenecja" z Marcinem Walewskim
"Venice" with Marcin Walewski

11 sierpnia, 2013
August 11, 2013

Screening of “VENICE” and Q&A Session with Marcin Walewski in Hellada Gallery in Long Beach in cooperation with Helena Modjeska Art Culture Center and Polish Film Festival in LA.

Marek loves Venice. In his family, through the generations the vacations were taking place in “The City of Water”. Marek’s great grand parents, grandparents and parents every year were enjoying time in Venice. Marek is 11, and he knows by memory the names of all streets and public squares in Venice, but never has been there.

As the summer of 1939 arrived, the upcoming vacation was supposed to fulfil all his dreams.

Unfortunately, the German aggression intensifies, Marek’s father joins the army, and the boy is being sent to his aunt Veronica’s house at Zaleszczyce near the river of San.

Wandering around the estate, he is looking for the reminders from the past, memories, which were taken away from him. He is not happy at the home of his aunt and doesn’t want to be there. Soon he becomes lucky, he manages to find relief and comfort in the flooded basement, where he builds a replica of his dream city. With the help of his family and his imagination and vision he transforms the place into his beloved Venice, the Promised Land.

Beautiful, poetic movie, I found the end of the film happening to soon.

Jakob Kolski extraordinarily transforms the vision of simple province surrounded with flame of war. Kolski is considered to be the founder of the “magical realism” trend in the Polish filmmaking.

Marcin Walewski polish child actor made the first movie at the age of 6. He played in many movies and sitcoms. Marcin played the main character Marek with aplomb. For the role of Marek he received the debut award at the Polish film festival in Gdynia. 


Krystyna Bartkowski